Call of Duty Warzone brings back Trios mode after 2 days

That didn't take long. Call of Duty Warzone's developers briefly replaced the Trios mode with a new Quads playlist, and fans weren't happy about it

Reading now: Call of Duty Warzone brings back Trios mode after 2 days

That failed to take lengthy. Call of responsibility: warzone's developers briefly replaced the trios mode with a brand new quads playlist, and fans were not glad about it. If three's a crowd, what is a 4 player squad, a damn clown car? Besides, infinity ward reputedly decided there had been sufficient gamers to aid some other playlist, due to the fact trios is now returned in the sport's latest update. The developer published the news in a tweet overdue thursday night time, without a lot detail: "a playlist replace is rolling out now throughout all platforms! We’ve added br trios lower back into #warzone!"

gamers at the subreddit referred to an abnormal anomaly after the update, announcing that the loot found in trios mode had reverted back to the game's release, in preference to the use of new loot from warzone's lately launched season 3. However it truly is also now been constant.

It's a happy ending for Trios fans, at least for now. If you're not playing Call of Duty's battle royale but still like to keep up with the series, the competitive Call of Duty League has a tournament kicking off this Friday at 1 pm PST. You can check out the full schedule here.