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David Lammy Students done over by government

David Lammy MP is calling for more support for students by the government.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden defends university fees amid student lockdown

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has defended university fees during student lockdown.

Coronavirus UK pledges support to global vaccine-sharing scheme

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the UK will give £500m to a new global vaccine-sharing scheme.

PM playing games in Brexit talks, says Ed Davey

The Liberal Democrat leader said his party backs the “closest possible relationship” with the EU.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak on Job Support Scheme and helping UK workers

The chancellor says it is impossible to predict the jobs market due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sunak on Job Support Scheme helping UK workers

The chancellor says it is impossible to predict the jobs market, but adds “we need to evolve our support”.

Crispin Blunt criticises government trans rights stance

The Tory MP has criticised the decision to not allow trans people to legally change their gender via self-identification.

Labour Dodds reaction to Sunak Job Support Scheme

The shadow chancellor says half of her 40 requests for targeted wage support for workers were “rebuffed” by the government.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announces new Job Support Scheme

The UK chancellor said the Job Support Scheme would start in November and last for six months.

Hancock Upgrade may be needed to access NHS Covid app

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he understood the challenges around downloading the NHS Covid-19 app.

Starmer Need for new Covid measures failure of government

In a national address, Sir Keir Starmer responded to the PM announcing further coronavirus restrictions.

Starmer on elections, indyref2 and voters’ trust

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer spoke to BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg.

Starmer on voters trust in Labour on security and economy

Sir Keir Starmer said Labour had “gifted the Tories a decade of power” by failing to win the last four elections.

Starmer We do not need another divisive referendum

Labour will campaign against “another divisive independence referendum in May’s Holyrood election, says Keir Starmer.

GRA De Cordova and Truss on care for trans people

Marsha De Cordova criticised the government for not making changes to the Gender Recognition Act.

PMQs Starmer and Johnson on furlough and help for workers

Sir Keir Starmer cites the CBI, TUC and the Bank of England governor in asking for an extension to the furlough scheme.

PMQs Blackford and Johnson on furlough extension and hugs

The SNP Westminster leader calls on the prime minister to stop one million workers being sold on to the scrap heap.

Stella Creasy Treat misogyny like racism or homophobia

Labours Stella Creasy says misogyny should be treated as a hate crime, like racism or homophobia.

Michel Barnier arrives in London for trade talks

Michel Barnier says the European Commission “will remain calm, respectful and determined” in trade talks.

Coronavirus UK PM Boris Johnsons address in full

The prime minister has addressed the nation to explain the decision to impose tighter restrictions.

Coronavirus Keir Starmer says country needs clear leadership

The Labour leader accuses the government of not having a clear strategy to tackle the rising cases.

Coronavirus PM says Covid complacency could be our undoing

Boris Johnson says new restrictions are needed now to avoid more drastic action in the future.

Covid restrictions PM sets out new hospitality and face covering rules

Pubs must close earlier, higher fines for not wearing masks, and weddings will again be restricted.

Labour Connected Starmer’s speech on a return to power

Labour is becoming a competent, credible opposition, claims Keir Starmer during his first conference speech as leader.

Covid Work from home if you can, says Michael Gove

Michael Gove says the message has changed in response to the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus Hancock on fines for self-isolations rule

There will be a stepping of enforcement for those who break the virus restrictions, the health secretary announces.

Coronavirus Ashworth on hospital and care home tests

The health secretary is asked to use second lockdown “time wisely” by his Labour shadow.

Labours Anneliese Dodds on coronavirus spending

The shadow chancellor says councils are “being hung out to dry” and would be forced to cut more staff.

Coronavirus PM should apologise over testing - Keir Starmer

The Labour leader says a further lockdown is now more likely because of the near-collapse of testing.

Hancock Follow rules or more stringent enforcement coming

Matt Hancocks warning comes as the government introduces £10,000 fines for people who fail to self-isolate.

Covid-19 Prime minister says UK seeing a second wave

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the UK is experiencing a second wave of Covid-19.

Brexit Keir Starmer on Amal Clooneys resignation

The Labour leader says he is not surprised by Amal Clooneys decision to resign her role as special envoy on media freedom.

Grieving families demand coronavirus deaths inquiry

Grieving families are demanding an inquiry into coronavirus deaths.

Breaking down the Brexit border problem

BBCs Ros Atkins explains the latest Brexit row and the thorny issue of customs checks and Northern Ireland.

Baroness Harding on requests for coronavirus test

It is “quite hard to give you an accurate figure” on demand for virus tests, says Test and Trace boss.

Rees-Mogg Endless carping over coronavirus tests

British people should “celebrate this phenomenal success in achieving one million coronavirus tests, says the Commons leader.

Coronavirus New restrictions in north-east England

Almost two million people will see more restrictions following a rise in coronavirus cases.

Boris Johnson on EU trade talks and Internal Market Bill

Boris Johnson tells MPs he expects the EU to negotiate in good faith and apply common sense.

EU reaction to Boris Johnson good faith trade talks comments

The EU Commission declines to directly react to Boris Johnson’s claim it was not acting in “good faith” in talks with the UK over a possible trade deal.

PMQs Rayner and Johnson on coronavirus test result timings

Angela Rayner says Labour leader was unable to attend the Commons as he had to wait for his familys coronavirus test result

PMQs Rayner and Johnson on coronavirus restrictions

Angela Rayner accuses the PM of blaming others for his “incompetence with no plan for a second coronavirus wave.

PMS Rayner and Johnson on coronavirus test result timings

Angela Rayner says Labour leader was unable to attend the Commons as he had to wait for his familys coronavirus test result

PMQs Davey and Johnson on help for disabled children

The Lib Dem leader says families with disabled children lost benefits in the lockdown, after the government broke international law.

PMQs Blackford and Johnson on Internal Market bill

The SNP Westminster leader claims the PM does not know what is in his Internal Market Bill.

EU chief Both sides agreed Brexit withdrawal deal

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has said the Brexit withdrawal agreement took three years of work.

Robert Buckland Government working on court backlog

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland has said courts are now sitting at above average rates.

Matt Hancock on Covid-19 tests Were working around the clock

The health secretary says Covid-19 tests have been and will continue to be priority-based.

Coronavirus Priti Patel explains why mingling is against restrictions

The home secretary says the new rule of six means families should not stop to chat with other families.

TUC Starmer on replacement furlough scheme for workers

The Labour leader sets out his plan for a new scheme to help those who cannot return to work when the job retention scheme ends.

Mims Davies on UK employment and jobless figures

The government has a plan for “protecting, creating and securing new jobs” says Employment Minister Mims Davies.

Priti Patel challenged on coronavirus testing delays

Home Secretary Priti Patel has said delays in testing for the public are unacceptable.

Will fashion be better for the planet after coronavirus?

A report by MPs looks at ways to to create a more sustainable fashion sector after the pandemic.

Miliband to Johnson He hasnt read the bill

Ed Miliband accused Boris Johnson of not being across the detail of the Internal Market Bill.

Brexit Ed Miliband on Johnson and Internal Market Bill

Opposition to the Internal Market Bill was not an argument of Leave versus Remain but “an argument about right versus wrong”, Ed Miliband tells MPs.

Brexit ‘I have absolutely no desire to use these measures’ - Boris Johnson

The PM describes the powers in the Internal Market Bill as a “legal safety net” and an “insurance policy”.

Brexit Ed Miliband on government breaking international law

The government handling of trade talks “rides rather roughshod” and risks “upending” devolution settlements, former Labour leader has said.

David Cameron Breaking treaty should be final resort

The former Conservative PM says he has “misgivings about what is being proposed” by the government.

US election 2020 How to become president

How is the president of the United States actually elected?

Brexit Reputation of UK is being damaged in serious way - Simon Coveney

Irelands foreign minister says the EU has remained consistent, and the UK is the only side threatening to break international law.

Brexit Labour cant vote for bill that breaks law - Rachel Reeves

The shadow cabinet minister says her party cant support the Internal Market Bill as it stands.

I know in my mind what I have to do - Buckland

The justice secretary explains the circumstances under which he would step down from the Cabinet.

Brexit EU cant threaten integrity of UK, says Michael Gove

A new bill would give ministers powers to modify rules relating to the movement of goods between Britain and Northern Ireland.

Gordon Brown Internal Market Bill self-harm

Former prime minister Gordon Brown has called the governments planned Internal Market Bill self-harm.

Coronavirus Jeers for Hancock testing plan

Math Hancock departs from his script as he announces plans to ramp up coronavirus tests to deal with noisy MPs

Coronavirus Jonathan Ashworth grills Matt Hancock over Covid-19 test guidelines

Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth said there wasn’t enough information on how an increase in testing would work.

Howard on international laws and Internal Markets Bill

Lord Howard asks how the UK can “reproach” Russia, China and Iran for their conduct when it is prepared to break international laws.

Sefcovic EU has ‘serious concerns’ on Internal Markets Bill

European Commission vice president Maros Sefcovic speaks of his concerns about the UK’s legislation for trading around the Irish border after the transition period.

Boris Johnson These measures are not another national lockdown

The PM says new Covid restrictions and greater enforcement of the rules will help keep schools and businesses open.

Brexit Starmer on government signing UK-EU trade deal

The UK government should consider the “reputational risk” in its approach to its Internal Markets Bill, says the Labour leader.

PMQs Starmer and Johnson on virus test centre locations

The Labour leader says said too many people are being sent hundreds miles away for coronavirus tests and he “just wants it fixed”.

Sir Lindsay wants Hancock apology over lockdown twitter leak

The Speaker calls on the health secretary to apologise for a lead of lockdown changes revealed on social media.

PMQs Carmichael and Johnson on international laws

Could the PMs Brexit deal plans spark a wildcat Scottish independence referendum?

PMQs Blackford and Johnson on internal markets proposals

The SNPs Westminster leader asks the prime minister if he thinks he and his friends are above their law regarding a new bill on future trade.

PMQs Morden and Johnson on living wage level rise

The prime minister is asked if the chancellor is planning to scrap a planned rise in the national living wage.

Events business left in limbo as furlough end nears

More workers are back at their desks, but the future looks bleak for many in the events industry.

Coronavirus Matt Hancock explains super simple new rule

The health secretary explains new restrictions limiting gatherings to six people in England.

Sir Kim Darroch on President Trump row Were paid to tell it like it is

Sir Kim Darroch resigned after emails were leaked in which he called the Trump administration clumsy and inept.

Starmer Government reopening old arguments on Brexit

Planned government legislation over Northern Ireland is “wrong”, says the Labour leader.

Brexit Lewis on breaking laws over Northern Ireland plans

Government legislation on customs rules for Northern Ireland do “break international law in a very specific and limited way”, Brandon Lewis tells the House of Commons.

Brexit What are problem issues in UK-EU trade talks?

Time is running short for the UK and EU to agree a new trade when the transition period ends on 31 December.

Brexit Where are we now?

Its been out of the headlines for the past few months, but Brexit is back on the political menu

Coronavirus Shapps on changes to island travel restrictions

Travellers returning from seven Greek islands to England will have to self-isolate for a fortnight, says Grant Shapps.

Brexit Louise Haigh on Withdrawal Agreement changes

Failing to implement the EU Withdrawal Agreement would be “completely pig-headed”, the shadow Northern Secretary says.

Coronavirus Airport tests give false sense of security, says PM

The prime minister says testing on arrival at airports would only identify 7% of virus cases.

Brexit Boris Johnson on haulage firms and transition period

Boris Johnson responds to The Road Haulage Association predicting Britain is sleepwalking into a disaster over border checks next year.

Johnson on Tony Abbott homophobia and sexism accusations

The prime minister says cant be expected to agree with everyone who works with the government.

Brexit ‘Disaster’ looming for British border controls

The government is “sleepwalking into a disaster” over UK border controls, the Road Haulage Association warns.

Coronavirus Tony Blair on ID cards and digital records

As PM, Tony Blair’s plans to bring in ID cards were dropped, but he thinks digital ID could help the fight against coronavirus.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps Different quarantine rules can be confusing

The transport secretary says he understands the frustration of differing quarantine rules for travellers across the UK.

Jacob Rees-Mogg plays Rule Britannia in the Commons

Breaking a Parliamentary rule, the Leader of the House prompts laughter in the Commons by playing a clip of Rule Britannia to MPs.

Scottish Labour Keir Starmer on Richard Leonard leadership

The UK Labour leader says he and the Scottish Labour leader know they have to “rebuild trust” and were “totally focussed” on the May 2021 elections.

Keir Starmer on Tony Abbott getting UK trade role

The Labour leader says he has “real concerns” about former Australian PM being given a role in post-Brexit trade talks for the UK.

Greater Manchester lockdown Matt Hancock defends U-turn chaos

The Health Secretary said swift and decisive action was needed following a rise in Covid-19 cases.

Rishi Sunak on UK economy and coronavirus tax rise reports

The government “cannot carry on doing exactly what we did this year forever,” the chancellor says about helping the UK economy through the pandemic.

PMQs Starmer and Johnson on extended furlough scheme

The PM “brushes away scrutiny” makes the wrong decisions, and blames other people, says the Labour Leader.

PMQs Starmer and Johnson on Covid-19 bereaved families

The Labour leader claims the PM “says one thing to camera and another thing” to families who have lost relatives to coronavirus.

PMQs Blackford and Johnson on extending furlough scheme

The UK government is all at sea says the SNP Westminster leader after eight u-turns.

Caroline Nokes on Tony Abbott joining UK Board of Trade

Appointing former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott as a UK trade representative would be awful says a Conservative MP.

Lib Dem leadership Layla Moran on political experience

Layla Moran says she has “little experience in Parliament” but asks people to look at her track record as an MP.

Nick Gibb ‘Moral imperative’ to reopen English schools

Nick Gibb is “absolutely confident” that all schools in England will reopen next month.

Boris Johnson on wearing face masks in English schools

The prime minster says schools are safe and that advice on wearing masks will change if needed.

Schools Gavin Williamson on reports of offering to resign

The education secretary is asked about reports that he offered his resignation to the prime minister over the handling of exam grades in England.

BBC Proms Boris Johnson on instrumental Rule Britannia

Brits must stop this general bout of self-recrimination and wetness” says Boris Johnson, about BBC plans to makes changes to the Proms.

Labours Kate Green on Ofquals Sally Collier resigning

Ofqual has “questions to answer” but ministers were responsible for the exams confusion in England says the shadow education secretary.

Siddiq on face mask advice in English secondary schools

The government must give “clearer guidance” on wearing face masks in English schools, the shadow education minister says.

Boris Johnson on pupils wearing face masks in classrooms

Boris Johnson says face coverings should be worn outside the classroom in secondary schools in hotspot areas.

Sir Ed Davey wins Liberal Democrat leadership race

Sir Ed beat fellow MP Layla Moran with almost twice the number of votes from party members.

Sir Ed Davey Lib Dems key to ending Conservative rule

But the partys new leader says the first task is to listen and win back voters.

Speaker tells politicians not to name MP arrested for rape

The MP under investigation for rape will not attend the House of Commons while he remains on bail, the Speaker says.

Matt Hancock on coronavirus vaccine trials going well

The best case scenario for combating the coronavirus would be for a vaccine this year, says the health secretary.

Coronavirus Johnson on UK recovery from virus pandemic

The prime minister says there is going to be more of this wretched Covid” as he chairs a Cabinet meeting.