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Riot reveals Jett, Valorant's knife-wielding speedster

Valorant's series of weekly character teasers continued today with Jett, a fast-moving fighter who relies on speed and agility to flank enemies and take them out with precision attacks before they have a chance to react.

Discord's background noise suppression beta totally slaps (and you can't hear the slaps) uses machine learning to keep background noise to a minimum, and now it's part of Discord.

Valorant’s impactful hero abilities are an exciting departure from CSGO

Here's the moment that Valorant finally clicked for me we were on match point attacking site A of Bind, a compact, two-lane map with teleporters that connect its objective sites together. After losing myself and two other teammates to an entrenched sniper, our Sage narrowly planted the bomb and retreated to Showers unscathed. As she reached safety, she used her ultimate ability to revive me. We could see the bomb from our positions, so all we had to do was defend. Fortunately I was playing Cypher, a covert spy with the best kit for the job.

Apex Legends brings back Duos mode and Kings Canyon as permanent fixtures next week

A new lore event is dropping for Apex Legends next week, on April 7, but forget about that for a minute—there's more important things happening on that day. The real headline here is the permanent addition of two new (by which I mean returning) features.

Sea of Thieves is bound for Steam

The cheerful pirate sim won't be exclusive to the Windows Store anymore.

Respawn faked the Forge character to mess with Apex Legends dataminers

The game's most entertaining character reveal was rooted in frustration with spoiled secrets.