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Rare sea turtle discovered on South Carolina beach in 'elusive' find

Volunteers in South Carolina checking on sea turtles on Sunday made a surprise discovery when they came across a rare white sea turtle hatchling.The town of Kiawah Island shared on Facebook that the Kiawah Island Turtle Patrol came across the lone white baby sea turtle crawling across the sand.Photos released by the town show the tiny turtle that appears a creamy white color rather than the more typical gray or green of a sea turtle.Sea turtles typically spend their first few months hiding under patches of seaweed in the ocean, growing as fast as possible because the larger they are, the fewer predators they have."Camouflage is important to all animals, particularly very small sea turtle hatchlings that are predated on by almost everything," the group states.

Luggage containing woman’s ashes goes missing at Cleveland airport: report

A piece of luggage containing the ashes of a woman who died earlier this year reportedly went missing in an Ohio airport.The luggage is said to have arrived at the airport and was even seen coming down the turnstile, but it has since gone missing.The family of the late Doris Mooren flew from California and Texas to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on Saturday, with Morren's ashes inside a piece of checked luggage, Cleveland 19 reports.ARIZONA FAMILY LEARNS WHY AIRPLANE PART MYSTERIOUSLY LANDED IN BACKYARDBut the suitcase containing her ashes reportedly went missing at the airport.“We met in Dallas and then flew into Cleveland and upon arrival went down to get the luggage and it was gone," Karaka told Cleveland 19.

Dwayne Johnson gives 101-year-old grandma tequila for her birthday

Dwayne Johnson wished the now 101-year-old grandmother a happy birthday earlier this month, and now she has bottles of tequila to celebrate, according to an Instagram post he shared on Saturday.Enjoy your mana, Marie!”DWAYNE ‘THE ROCK’ JOHNSON REACHES INSTAGRAM MILESTONE AFTER BACKING BIDEN-HARRIS: ‘#1 FOLLOWED MAN IN AMERICA’Teremana Tequila is a brand Johnson founded alongside his business partners Dany Garcia, Jenna Fagnan and Ken Austin.DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON REVEALS ‘DWANTA CLAUS’ ICE CREAM FLAVORS“Marie Grover, I can’t believe it.“Happy birthday dear Marie Grover who turns 100-years-old today and I'm so honored that she's my fan, happy birthday to you,” he sang in the video.“I'm so honored by the way that that you're a fan… I'm sending you so much love and a huge congratulations on 100 years what an amazing life.

Popeyes celebrates chicken sandwich anniversary with countdown to 2021

The fan-favorite fast-food chain has announced that in honor of its infamous Chicken Sandwich (remember the sandwich that sparked all the wars?), whichwas launched in August 2019, the brand would be beginning its countdown to 2021 and retiring 2020.FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWSThe restaurant is also offering free delivery on the Chicken Sandwich on the 19th at participating locations.Hopefully, some of those locations are in Texas, where the most chicken sandwiches have been sold in the last 12 months.Around 203 million chicken sandwiches has been sold altogether in the past year, with the most sandwiches sold by one store in one day -- 3,582.

TikTok users share their preferred gas station snacks, definite trend emerges

Arizona Iced Tea’s longtime strategy of being the cheapest gas station beverage is really paying off, isn’t it?In one of TikTok’s latest trends, users are sharing their preferred “gas station order” (i.e., which snacks they routinely purchase from gas stations), and it seems that most everyone loves the same thing: absolute junk.Some of the users even brought us into their favorite gas stations, adding some extra flair to the otherwise repetitive videos.FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWSBut as surely as the sun must set, every TikTok trend must come to an end.CLICK HERE FOR FOX NEWS' CONTINUING CORONAVIRUS COVERAGEAnyway, be sure to check back next week, when TikTok users will show us their favorite fingernail clippers or something.

British supermarket chain launches frozen chicken nugget into space to celebrate anniversary

Sorry, chicken nugget, you have some atmosphere on you.SCOTTISH BAKERY HIRING FOR A $52,000 COOKIE-EATING GIGA British supermarket chain launched its brightest and best – a single frozen chicken nugget – into space last week to celebrate its 50th anniversary, The Irish News reported.Iceland Foods Ltd. chose the chicken nugget as it was one of its customers “favorites,” according to a statement to The Irish News.Though monumental, the lonely chicken nugget is hardly the first edible item launched into space.It’s unclear if the frozen chicken nugget had the same reception upon its return to earth.

Nevada man living in supermarket's rafters alerts staff of his location after his foot busts through ceiling

Talk about starting your day off on the wrong foot.A man in Nevada has been charged with burglary after his foot fell through the ceiling of a supermarket, which alerted police to a tiny living area he had set up in the rafters of the store.He was also stealing items from the deli, authorities confirmed to the Reno Gazette Journal.Early this morning North Lyon Fire was dispatched to the Raley's in Fernley.Together, the police and fire department were eventually “able to retrieve the K9 and the suspect.”“The K9 was not injured,” North Lyon County Fire wrote on Facebook.

Kamala Harris, Mass Incarceration and Me

Harris came up as a prosecutor in the 1990s, when both the political culture and popular culture were developing a story about crime and violence that made incarceration feel like a moral response.Back then, films by Black directors — “New Jack City,” “Menace II Society,” “Boyz n the Hood” — turned Black violence into a genre where murder and crack-dealing were as ever-present as Black fathers were absent.With me were Anthony Winn and Terell Kelly and a dozen others, all lost to prison during those years.Home from college for two weeks, a 19-year-old Anthony robbed four convenience stores — he’d been carrying a pistol during three.Juvie and Luke have made parole; Fats, represented by the Innocence Project at the University of Virginia School of Law, was granted a conditional pardon by Virginia’s governor, Ralph Northam.

Voters Prefer Biden Over Trump on Almost All Major Issues, Poll Shows

With just two weeks left in the campaign, Mr. Trump does not hold an edge on any of the most pressing issues at stake in the election, leaving him with little room for a political recovery absent a calamitous misstep by Mr. Biden, the Democratic nominee, in the coming days.On all other subjects tested in the poll, voters preferred Mr. Biden over Mr. Trump by modest or wide margins.Mr. Biden, the former vice president, is favored over Mr. Trump to lead on the coronavirus pandemic by 12 points, and voters trust Mr. Biden over Mr. Trump to choose Supreme Court justices and to maintain law and order by six-point margins.Americans see Mr. Biden as more capable of uniting the country by nearly 20 points.Over all, Mr. Biden is backed by 50 percent of likely voters, the poll showed, compared with 41 percent for Mr. Trump and 3 percent divided among other candidates.

Facing a Deluge of Misinformation, Colorado Takes the Offensive Against It

In 2019, Jena Griswold, the newly installed secretary of state in Colorado, saw a tweet falsely claiming that her state’s election system had been hacked, using a picture of voting equipment as evidence.“It wasn’t equipment that we even use in the state of Colorado,” Ms. Griswold, a Democrat, said.Though her office was able to contact Twitter and take the tweet down within an hour, the flare-up was yet another reminder of just how pervasive election misinformation had become since the 2016 presidential election.To prevent deceptive tweets, doctored videos and other forms of misinformation from undermining Colorado’s elections, Ms. Griswold is starting a new initiative that will run ads on social media and expand digital outreach to help voters identify foreign misinformation.The operation in Colorado comes as Ms. Griswold and other secretaries of state are bracing for a deluge of misinformation about voting as Election Day draws closer, forced to defend a decentralized election system that has shown a particular weakness to the impact of rumors and outright lies.