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The volunteers lining up for Covid-19 challenge trials

A non-profit organisation called 1Day Sooner has attracted over 38,500 willing participants for Covid-19 challenge trials globally, including more than 2,500 in the UK.Volunteers interviewed by the Guardian say they want to participate for altruistic reasons – for the greater good, despite the uncertainty of how contracting Covid-19 could affect them.In an open letter urging the UK government to support Covid-19 challenge trials last week, more than 170 scientists and academics highlighted that the mortality risk in healthy (and unhealthy) 20- to 29-year-olds was lower than donating a kidney.Photograph: Henry DickinsonMcPartlin’s father is not entirely onboard with his son’s intention to partake in challenge trials, even though he appreciates the benefit of conducting such studies.Photograph: Crystel MarcosDanica Angel Marcos, 22, a 2019 graduate from the University of Lancaster, is also worried about contracting Covid-19, given the rapid hike in cases.

Covid: firm secures £10m to infect young volunteers to hasten vaccine

A London-based company has secured a UK government contract worth up to £10m to intentionally infect healthy young volunteers with Covid-19 to hasten the development of a vaccine.HVivo, a subsidiary of Dublin-based pharmaceutical services company Open Orphan, announced on Tuesday that it had signed the contract with the government to develop a Covid-19 human challenge study model.Globally, the non-profit organisation advocating for human challenge study volunteers has attracted over 38,500 willing participants.And without challenge trials, I really don’t see a practical path to get in as many vaccines as we need.”Volunteers are typically compensated for their involvement in challenge trials.“People are publicly coming forward to volunteer for challenge trials because they want to help everyone return to ordinary life as soon as possible,” she said.

Coronavirus live news: Greater Manchester facing tier 3 restrictions; Ireland announces return to lockdown

02:51Authorities in Lombardy in Italy have been given the green light to impose a curfew as the region embraces itself for a surge in hospital admissions.The curfew will run from 11pm to 5am, and is expected to be in place from Thursday.General hospital admissions are poised to rise to 4,000 from 1,136.A Covid hospital at a conference center in Milan, where new cases are growing at the fastest rate, has reopened.Infections across Italy fell below 10,000 on Monday, however almost 50,000 fewer swab tests were carried out compared with Sunday.

What exactly is a Higgs boson? An explanation for the rest of us

If you’ve heard the news about the Nobel Prize in physics, you might be asking yourself: What is a Higgs boson anyway?The Higgs boson is the particle associated with the Higgs field, an energy field that transmits mass to the things that travel through it.The one that scientists used to “find” the Higgs boson is the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.From time to time, a Higgs boson might be one of those particles.ALSO:Higgs boson theorists win Nobel Prize in physicsAdvertisementPhysicists are celebrating their Higgs boson ‘triumph’Nobel Prize predictions: Higgs boson, exoplanets could yield winnersReturn to Science Now.

New Yorker suspends Jeffrey Toobin for allegedly masturbating on Zoom call

The New Yorker magazine has suspended one of its long-time staff writers, legal expert Jeffrey Toobin, while it investigates a report that he was allegedly masturbating during a Zoom work call earlier this month.“I made an embarrassingly stupid mistake, believing I was off-camera,” Toobin said in a statement on Monday about the situation, first reported by Vice.I thought I had muted the Zoom video, I thought no one on the Zoom call could see me.”He has so far declined to confirm details.He has has worked for the New Yorker for more than 25 years, and is is also a senior legal analyst at CNN.A spokeswoman for the magazine said in a statement that Toobin “has been suspended while we investigate the matter”.

'I'm the one': Philippines president takes responsibility for drug killings

The killing of nearly 6,000 drug suspects have been reported by police but rights watchdogs suspect the death toll is far higher.“If there’s killing there, I’m saying I’m the one ... you can hold me responsible for anything, any death that has occurred in the execution of the drug war,” Duterte said.The ICC prosecutor has said the examination into the drug killings would continue despite the Philippine withdrawal.Police have reported at least 5,856 drug suspects have been killed in raids and more than 256,000 others arrested since the start of the crackdown.Duterte said drug killings that did not happen during police operations should not be blamed on him, adding those deaths may have been set off by gang rivalries or settling of scores.

Hong Kong protester announces asylum granted in Germany

“I’m grateful to the German government.”There was no immediate response from BAMF or the German consulate in Hong Kong to Reuters’ requests for comment.“It felt surreal and I was very upset that I needed to leave Hong Kong like that as I knew I might never return,” she said.China ambassador makes veiled threat to Hong Kong-based Canadians Read moreTwo prominent Hong Kong activists, Ray Wong and Alan Li, were also granted political asylum by Berlin in 2018.It urged Berlin to improve and broaden its asylum policies towards Hong Kong.Some governments including Britain, Canada and Australia have offered a path to residency or citizenship for people seeking to flee Hong Kong.

Actor Jeff Bridges being treated for lymphoma

Actor Jeff Bridges has said he is being treated for lymphoma and his prognosis is good.— Jeff Bridges (@TheJeffBridges) October 20, 2020He said he understands the disease is serious.The main types of lymphoma are Hodgkin’s lymphoma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.Bridges expressed gratitude to his family, friends and medical team and promised to keep fans posted on his recovery.Bridges is son of actors Lloyd and Dorothy Bridges, who both died in 1998.

Far-right online forum 8chan kicked offline after protection services are cut

The latest incarnation of the hate-filled online forum 8chan was temporarily kicked off the internet on Sunday, after a company protecting the site from DDoS attacks cut its services.Over the weekend, CNServers cut ties with VanwaTech and the 254 websites it protected for the company upon learning about the 8chan ties.CNServers does not directly work for VanwaTech but for Spartan Host, which routes internet addresses on behalf of VanwaTech.While Spartan Host and VanwaTech refused to stop hosting 8chan, CNServers was able to cut ties for all of them.The founder of Spartan Host has repeatedly defended his decision to keep 8chan and affiliated sites online.

Russian cyber-attack spree shows what unrestrained internet warfare looks like

On Monday, US and UK authorities accused the unit of planning a cyberattack on the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo.The US indictment of six Sandworm operatives, all GRU military intelligence officers, gives a detailed account of how they went about their business.“Today’s GRU indictment is an incredible document,” Rid wrote on Twitter.According to Aric Toler of the Bellingcat investigative journalism team, three of the six accused registered their cars to the same address, which is also linked to the Sandworm unit.“If you search for all of the people registering their cars to this address, you get 47 results – all probably GRU hackers,” Toler said.